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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. In fact, the upcoming movie may bring Steven and the Crystal Gems their scariest villain yet. The music of Steven Universe plays an important part in the show — and boy are those songs catchy. Some are fun, some are heavy, some will make you sing, some will make you cry.

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All the Steven Universe songs are special — but some are more special than others. This is from the one where Steven goes back in time to get more versions of himself, they gang up on him, and then he has to get rid of them and watch them die. Though the lyrics are pretty dark, it has this pretty, upbeat synth sound and this juxtaposition makes it stand out a little. Bring on the yeehaw revolution, you funky little lesbian.

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Give us more Greg Universe! Teens by day, but horror rock band by night, and they know it! The inaugural song for Steven Universe besides the theme tells the story of the eponymous Cookie Cat, an intergalactic refugee who abandons his family to come to Earth. In hindsight, the sheer audacity to pack that much foreshadowing in a commercial for a delightful frozen treat is staggering.

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Also, those suits are slick. Tom Scharpling can do very little wrong. The parallels make it all the more sweet — once upon a time, human rocker Greg sang this song to space being Rose Quartz; now Sadie sings it, just as Lars touches down from space.

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Steven and Greg share one of the most touching, sincere father-son relationships in media. Unbridled by toxic masculinity, the two openly share their feelings with each other. This is a love song between the two, celebrating all their happy memories and fond moments.

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I separate Steven Universe songs into two groups: the emotionally hard-hitting, and the goofy mood breaks. The city itself is a thinly veiled New York City — with a splash of Atlantic City added in — and the song is just as fast-paced and energetic as the metropolis itself. We love Greg Universe. He just wants to spend time with his son. Unable to convince Peridot and Pumpkin to uproot their lives on Earth, Lapis uproots the barn instead, fleeing to the Moon Base.

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There are a lot of heavy things about this song, just like there are a lot of heavy things about Steven Universe. Though Steven and the rest of the characters address basically all of their trauma in this song, they put it aside to think about good things.

Instead of dwelling on lies, they focus on hope. This song is from Steven Universe: The Movie. Giving Estelle the lead vocal on a song is literally never going to turn out badly, ever.

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This song is an apology; Amethyst rarely owns up to her impulsive actions, so it comes from her not-often seen vulnerable side. We stan an involved dad! Okay, sure, Greg has to be an involved dad because Rose literally destroyed herself to birth Steven, but he throws himself into fatherhood with the enthusiasm of a golden retriever.

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I made myself cry just typing that. Right to the point! By the end, Steven knows that he loves and respects himself — and that fighting for people to love and respect him is pointless. But they could get to know each other. Steven Universe always redeems its bad guys and this song drives that home.


Also that whistling! Steven, still in the earlier stages of his emotional development, is still fixated on his physical strength. Another Greg song! Can you tell we love Greg Universe here? At this point, Greg using songs to illustrate flashbacks has kinda been a given, and this song plays cheekily into that. We also see the unequal footing in their relationship — Rose being a basically immortal being and Greg a human who needs to do human things, like eat. Greg and Pearl have a complicated relationship — both of them were in love with Rose Quartz and they have mostly mourned her separately for the past 12 years.

He sings this one as a montage, after he, Sadie, and Lars end up stuck on a deserted island. But some of the lyrics take on a different energy in hindsight, knowing what Pink Diamond is like. While Garnet has endless confidence, the pair is hesitant: Sapphire has never fused with another gem, and Ruby feels guilty for getting Sapphire stuck on Earth.

This song comes right after Steven Universe reveals its first real stakes.


This song centers on Peridot, right around her turn from villain to ambiguous character to fully siding with the good guys. Peridot starts off feeling helpless: the gems are up against a formidable villain, but she as she sings, she realizes that there is so much to fight for on this planet.

The full version of the theme song gives each character a chance to shine and sing for what they fight for. Pearl, who arguably knows most about Rose Quartz and the world of the Gems, has the longest bit, but each of the gems and Steven gets a chance to make their claim. This is the moment I knew I would die for Greg Universe.

'steven universe' season 4 air date, spoilers: new sneak peak hints lapis lazuli-peridot fusion; voice actor shelby rabara talks peridot's influence to viewers

The version on the radio, the one by Olivia Olson Adventure Time is infectious and bright — thus easy to dismiss. You rock that aqua midriff-bearing outfit, Steven. Like any respectable Pearl-centric track, the song is piano-heavy, transferring from a solid, rhythmic chord base to hectic, descending runs as Pearl falls deeper and deeper into her memories of the war.

The song itself is relatively upbeat, but. Of course Greg gets a power ballad! Those power chords, baby! The power ballad to end all power ball! The song itself is infectious, empowering, and captures the magic of the show.

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Love Like You is a slow burn. We only get a few seconds of it at the end of each episode, true, and I probably would have ranked it solidly in the middle of the ranking based solely on those snippets.

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But after listening to the whole thing, it jumped all the way to the top of my list. The lyrics are so gutting when you listen to them. It captures exactly how falling in love feels: happiness and agony all at once. Steven Universe has truly perfected non-self-indulgent self-deprecation.

Full of painful longing, Pearl grapples with the dissonance between her acceptance that everything is done and her inability to move on. This time, Pearl wallows and pushes through her feelings for herself. Eventually, she will move on — but first, she has to sing about it a bit. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. By choosing I Acceptyou consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

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Gaming PlayStation Xbox Nintendo. Movies TV Comics. Star Wars Marvel. Filed under: Animation TV Entertainment. Every Steven Universe song, ranked New, 8 comments. Reddit Pocket Flipboard. Here is every Steven Universe song, ranked:.

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