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They still might. But Kohan, who revels in tweaking convention, said the borderlands offer an abundance of new opportunities for Nancy and her often raunchy and profane entourage to toy with sexual, political, racial and religious taboos.

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What episode of weeds is the bar scene?

Title says it all. Swear to god the director must be a pedophile or something, literally everyone on this show fucks like a rabbit. Andy for example, do we need to know about every sexual encounter he has? Like the Jewish girl with the strap on, they build up the whole scene, have like 2 sex scenes, and then she is never seen again.

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I didn't think it was over-sexualized, personally. It wasn't over the top.

cutie girls Riley

Oh god. I don't understand what any of this has to do with paedophilia. My pedo comment has more to do with Shane in the show.

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The fact the writers and directors chose to have a scene where a prepubescent 13 yea role boy has a threesome with two other girls seems very I have more of a problem with how the sex with Nancy is used as a way to get out of trouble every time; oh she the tunnel? How does any of that make someone a pedophile?

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Lol calm down. I totally think sex scenes can be overused in a show, but Weeds is not one of those shows.

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Seems like a pretty obvious answer. This is not uncommon throughout many other TV shows. Found the internet! Why is this show so oversexualized. Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

‘weeds’: this sex stuff is just getting ridiculous

Oh god and then she is never seen again This ain't true! That line cracked me up. Sex makes people watch shows. As simple as that. Subreddit for fans of the TV show Weeds.

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