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Where is the strip club in gta iv lady looking up male to strangets

Dwayne is still feeling miserable, and when Niko goes to visit him, it seems like his earlier suggestion of suicide might soon come to fruition. But Niko tries to snap him out of it. When Dwayne lets Niko know that there's a strip club in Bohan that he used to run, Niko wants to know more.

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While we appreciate the extreme depth and breadth of GTA IV, we really don't expect you to scour the game for every last detail. And while we are particularly impressed with GTA IV's ability to reflect and report on changes happening within its own world, we also don't expect you to follow the game's every last news blurb. Come on, that would just be boring. Some items are too good to miss, though, like the aforementioned serial killer saga or any mention of Niko's recently completed crimes "an unidentified foreign man". Our favorite? This self-referential gem, tucked far into the story and camouflaged between much flashier headlines

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Author Info Last Updated: September 16, Can't wait to get your hands on Playboy X or Dwayne? Well than read this article so you can! Start the mission by talking to Dwayne. He is the "D" on your minimap if you don't know how to get to his house, set it as your waypoint and drive there. Prepare yourself for the mission.

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You are going to want a pistol, shotgun depending on your playing stylegrenades, a SMG, and a sniper rifle. For the vehicle, any semi-heavy vehicle will work fine. Go to the club.

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Find the back door of the club, and park your car against it. Enter the club.

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Be sure to enter the club with your bare hands, as security will start to beat you if you have a weapon. You will have to find the locations of the managers before continuing on. The first position is given away by 2 guys talking by the entrance to the club. The second position given away is the manager talking to the stripper by the main stage on the left. The last manger is in the private room in the back by the back door which you should have parked your car by!

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Kill the first manager. Very quickly, take out the pistol and shoot the manager in the office guy closest to the door. Try to kill the security officer who immediately attacks you. Once he is dead, the whole club erupts into chaos. Kill the second manager. The manager getting a strip dance in the back now freaks out because of the gun shots, and will try to escape through the back door. If he is unable to open the back door, he will run towards the front door where you should somewhat nearby and you can shoot him with whatever you want pistol to save ammo for more missions, shotgun for the easy kill, and SMG cause why not?

Kill the third manager.

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This is the only manager left, and he is the one by the stage. Shoot him with the weapon of your choice. Finish the mission. After you complete the mission, you will get dollars, and unlock the next mission. Jackson Quesinberry. You are killing stuff in a "strip" club. Naked ladies are everywhere. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 5. You may want a sports car such as a Turismo or a Super GT in case one of the managers escapes. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published.

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