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Swiss Wikipedia ejaculation video hunt for men for fucked

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What is my age: 21
Ethnicity: Namibian
My sex: Woman
I can speak: English, Turkish
I like to drink: Champagne
My favourite music: Blues
Tattoo: None

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The spring of was a time for dreamers. Only he wanted the world to see him stick his penis in his mouth. Out of the over 3. Jiffman wanted to be the guy in that photo. When people looked up autofellatio, he wanted them to see him doing it.

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There are videos of men masturbating, animated GIFs of men ejaculating, and photos of people fellating one other. Jiffman seems like a normal guy. According to his posts, which may be accurate self-documentation or mere fantasies, he has a long history.

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As online video came to the fore, Jiffman began to post movies of himself on amateur porn sites, and he finally found his niche: the ability to suck himself off. The videos were well praised, and Jiffman put a great deal of effort into capturing himself from different angles.

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Like all great American pioneers, Jiffman dared to have big ambitions. He wanted to be the definition of having your dick in your mouth. And they are, of course, having this debate on the autofellatio. The result is anarchy. Anarchy with pictures of dudes ejaculating in frames-per-second super-slo-mo. Jimbo put the decision on the image up to a vote, but before there was a vote, it was decided there needed to be a vote on whether there should be a deadline on the vote.

Then it was decided there needed to be a vote on how to interpret the outcome of the vote. However, according to the rules of this vote to decide the rules of the vote, no consensus was reached. So apparently the image-decision vote would not be valid. But they finally went ahead with it anyway.

Oh no, there's been an error

No consensus was reached on that vote either. So despite all this effort, and all the thousands of words written on the subject, no decision was actually made. Or maybe your dad. Oh my God, that looks so much like your dad. Is that your dad? But it showed a photograph could be put on the article and not taken down, which, for exhibitionists like our friend Jiffman, apparently sounds like a challenge.

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He first ed a photo of himself, Autofellatio1. He gave editors another option, Autofellatio2.

The epic battle for autofellatio

Jiffman returned two months later to find his self-sucking had still gone unnoticed. That may have been a bit desperate. Jiffman received a banning. It was because he allegedly kept deleting his old ones and re-ing them under new names.

Jiffman persevered. He came back again and again, ing five more photos of him fellating himself. And when he was banned again, he fought back and explained himself :. It has not been the same picture over and over. The first one, that I thought was a better one, apparently nobody agreed so it was switched back.

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I asked to have it deleted because it wasn't being used. I just figured why have it on here if it's not being of any use? So I made a new one that I thought was a good replacement, thus I gave it a try; only to find that I was banned almost immediately just for trying to make a legitimate attempt to improve an article with my knowledge on the topic.

I don't get the system of banning for such little things like that.

From the free encyclopedia

If someone would maybe offer constructive criticism on what would make a better image, rather than just going straight for the ban button, I could produce a quality example that the community will accept as the best possible example available. I'm not here to play. Don't abuse your status to feel important. The bannings against me have been malevolent. Weeks has contributed over a dozen photos and animated GIFs of his middle-aged penis and testicles in the past eleven months.

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So to speak. Weeks did give me some insight into why people do this. I saw some of the images in the human penis s and thought I can do better than that. He said he has a degree in biology and finds biological differences interesting. Jiffman eventually found success.

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On June 2,a user name Duvora suggested that the first autofellatio photo had data attached to it that suggested it was scanned, probably from a magazine or otherwise professional work, and therefore was a copyright violation. This is what Jiffman was up against: a professional. He quickly inserted himself into the discussion.

Jiffman made another photo, and this time it went through.

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So even if that was a useful comparison, which it isn't, you'll have to find somebody else who isn't or reverse your circumcision, Jazzz But like Susan Boyle just weeks before him, he kept at it until the world finally recognized his unique talents.

He focused on one goal and willed it to happen. He put in the hours, and eventually, he reaped the rewards.

Seedfeeder, l’homme qui illustre le sexe sur wikipédia

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