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Fancy a drink? This post highlights 18 of the weirdest, most unique, and coolest bars in America. Expect mermaids, carousels, carnivals, hidden speakeasies, spies, and Christmas year round.

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If you could travel anywhere in the United States, where would you go? Besides the cheap booze, though, I get it. We all love our local college bars. They hold special memories for us. Here are those reasons. Not only does this bar have pre-sale tickets and a scheduled check in time, but it is also the only indoor bar entirely made of ice.

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Fun is inherently subjective. One person's idea of a good time might be another person's prison sentence.

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You might think downing rum buckets and dancing to Rihanna all night is about as appealing as French kissing a snapping turtle. And that's OK. What we've assembled here is a master list, separated by state, of the best of the best of the so-called "wild" bars in this country. The selections included here might not be the absolute rowdiest places in town though, sometimes they arebut they are ts that anyone -- of any age, of any walk of life -- should be able to walk into on any given night, and expect the dopamine to flow like against all odds, like a trout swimming upstream.

These are bars where you can bring your freshly year-old cousin, and your octogenarian grandma, too. Since fun comes in all shapes and Wildest bar in america, expect to see some surprises. We dug deep here. And if you happen disagree, that's cool -- we're having way to much fun to be upset about it. You do you. Elberta Nothing cools you down on a hot Alabama afternoon like a nice cold Bushwacker.

Alabamians and Gulf Coast visitors float pontoons right to the front, order their Bushwackers, and commence with one of the biggest weekly boat parties in the south. Complete with waterslides, an off-leash dog area, and a burger that we assume tastes just as delicious sober. But the highlight is the Bird House, a nail-for-nail recreation of the legendary roadhouse of the same name, that burned down in Stepping inside is like traveling back to even-more-lawless s Alaska, where loud music, stiff drinks, and colorful characters ruled the night.

Phoenix If you think the concept of a monkey wearing pants is whimsical, fun, a little weird, and maybe even semi-uncomfortable… you've pretty much captured the essence of this bar. This longtime Phoenix favorite has all the trappings of a traditionally fun bar weekend karaoke that gets a little wild, some truly goofy trivia, a wall full of wonky Polaroids, a late-night kitchen to line your stomachwith added quirks like a weekly fish race -- which is exactly what it sounds like.

This is a bar filled with twists and turns that make it more endearing than annoying, and more comfortable than off-putting.

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No easy feat. Especially whilst shirtless. Little Rock This unassuming brown-wood two-story neighborhood t does everything you need a bar to do, and little else. The addition of a fenced-in backyard full of picnic tables on gravel made it easier to stick around for whole sets without feeling the cigarette smoke slowly dry out your eyeballs. The lithe Hendrix gr in tank tops.

18 of the weirdest and coolest bars in america

The after-shaved state leg nerds rocking with sweat-stained shirts and ties swaying. There is one legitimate holiday on the calendar every year, and it is the autumn Saturday when Daylight Saving Time rewinds you to 1am when the clock strikes 2. If you are here when that hour strikes, you get to Groundhog Day the chillest, happiest hour of your week, or maybe of your ever. The smell of stale beer is strong.

The state of the bathrooms is questionable. The bouncers' ability to deal with disputes over game and table possession is impressive. The fact that they offer darts in here is nothing short of remarkable. Boulder If you want to catch the vibes of Sundown Saloon, picture the platonic ideal of a college dive. Now, imagine that dive had just some ate an entire batch of some of the headiest, mind-enhancing sativa-infused hard candies that Boulder's resident dispensaries have to offer.

That's pretty much what we have going on here. Yes, the beers are cheap.

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Sure, they come in pitchers. There are definitely Christmas lights lining the ceilings, and more often than not a garage band wailing in the corner.

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It's a destination for CU students looking to get rowdy, and Boulder townies looking to This is one of the bars where the appeal is seemingly basic, but just needs to be felt to be appreciated. It's hard not to have a good time here. And that's not just the weed talking. New Haven To those in-the-know about New Haven's pizza prowessit should come as no surprise that the city's best bar also serves one of the best dark horse pies around.

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But this isn't the charming mom-and-pop eating environment provided by the rest of the city's apizza purveyors -- it's full of sweaty revelers, thumping bass, and more good times than you can shake a pizza peel at not advised in such crowded quarters. That's because BAR is not just a restaurant, but also: a dance club, an indie music venue, the location of multiple bars, and a fine microbrewery.

Yeah, it's pretty much a one-stop night out for most.

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Just don't sleep on the mashed potato pizza. Literally though, don't sleep on it -- a night spent dancing and drinking at BAR is sure to take a lot of you. Dewey Beach Delaware gets a bad rap for being a little Which is a polite way to say "super-boring. And they actually attract some major talent, skewing mostly toward country music up-and-comers and bands you probably "expanded your mind" to in high school think Coheed and Cambria playing one weekend, with Lee Brice the next.

But the so-called "vibes" in the music venue -- and the accompanying bar -- are extremely positive, despite the tsunami-esque swells of people that pack into this Dewey Beach institution literally every day of every summer. The only drama is potentially running out of Orange Crushes on the dance floor. On other nights, this bar is a maze of a roadhouse where every staircase le to another jam-packed room with a different band playing country and southern rock. The crowd is a convergence of rednecks, military, and spring breakers drawn by Wildest bar in america cheap beer and cold drinks.

On Sunday Mornings the bar hosts two church servicesand yes, you can buy a drink and sip it in the pews.

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Oh, and for something we're pretty sure you've never done anywhere else, Wednesday nights are for church organ karaoke -- don't worry, choir robes are provided. This is why the wildest times to be had in Hawaii are at this little dive tucked away on a sidestreet off Kalakaua Avenue. And by the time the live music starts at night people have been sitting there all day. Chugging contests are a constant. Camaraderie is in abundance. This is a place where people pack in like sardines to cultivate their own lore. Some involve championship-level drinking sheep.

Just ask the bartender. Chicago Chicago only hands out a finite of 4am liquor s, so the bars that carry them are pretty much promised a slew of revelers who start trickling in at about looking to keep the party going. None of said bars deliver quite like The Hangge-Uppe, whose old-timey record-laden marquee serves as the beacon that summons revelers to a bi-level debauched dance party that leans more contemporary on the upper level.

Make your way into the labyrinthine Wildest bar in america, however, and you'll find yourself belting out the likes of Eddie Money and Billy Joel until you find yourself making out with some stranger you met in the interminably long bathroom line. No one will notice. West Lafayette An imbibing institution located in a strip mall not far from Purdue's campus, the Cactus draws in all manner of greater Lafayette denizens looking to get the most value out of their massive plastic Cactus cups filled with seemingly irresponsibly cheap quantities of Long Island iced tea or whatever other beverage you're going with that evening.

Earlier in the evenings, you may find occasionally profane piano man Bruce presiding over the proceedings in the separate piano bar, then later on the place turns more dance-y, or at least whatever level of dancing one is capable of after multiple refills of a giant plastic cocktail trough. Des Moines First of all: we, as a society, do not have nearly enough hybrid pizzeria tiki bars.

We especially don't have enough places like Fong's, where hordes of Iowans gather in varying stages of sobriety to partake in kamikaze shots while wearing restaurant-provided fighter pilot helmets, suck down huge fishbowls of brightly colored booze with reckless abandon, attempt to counterbalance said fishbowl with several slices of crab rangoon pizza tastes as good as it soundsand pay for it all dearly the next morning. The crowd runs the gamut from KU students to old timers. The drinks are occasionally adorned with rubber ducks or sharks don't worry the "blood" is just grenadine. And the "hurricane" that reliably rolls in every night at 10pm is just a mix of man-made "wind", "rain", and "lighting" presided over by a woman in mermaid garb dancing on the bar.

Pro tip: cover your drink. However, Mag Bar its proper name will provide you with cheap beer, a punk-heavy jukebox when there isn't a live band rendering said box irrelevant, and the horrifying realization that it's 3am on a Monday night and you really need Wildest bar in america go home, if only to use the bathroom, as you somehow still haven't consumed enough liquid courage to venture into theirs.

New Orleans Louisiana was a particularly difficult pick, as it seems like the entire city is one big, welcoming watering hole without walls, covers, or dress codes. But the Club Ms. Maes -- aside from having a delightfully tickling name -- captures the intangibles that separate it from the rest of the revelry on Magazine Street. Is it a little more low-key, and less "bead-throwy" than other spots? The doors are always open. The drinks are always super strong. And the floor and stools are always filled with people looking to consume some alcohol and have a good time till they literally have to physically stop.

What more could you ask for? Portland Maine may rarely, if ever, reach desert-like temperatures, but you won't have time to ponder such incongruencies at Portland's most perpetually buzzing bar, what with the giant Jenga and Connect Four happening on the main floor, the live music and also-giant "beer pong" think dodgeballs and buckets going down on the back patio when it isn't snow-covered, and the debauched dancing happening on the more club-like upper level.

Because who doesn't consider a Jenga victory, a little throwback Mario Kart they have that tooand some mutually consensual grinding with friendly Mainers to be the components of a perfect evening?

Athens, georgia

Oh, one more component: cheap ounce beer Wildest bar in america in paper bags. Ocean City Have you ever downed beer in a pimped out inner tube under a summer sun, floating in Assawoman Bay hehesurrounded by strangers who just might become your best friend, should your tubes happen to touch? It's a tiki bar, a nightclub, a music venue, and a beach bar, experly rolled into a surprisingly un-douchey package.

You will see the occasional meathead handing out tickets to his own personal gun show sighas you will anywhere that shirtlessness is tolerated. But the overall vibes of the bar are ultra-inclusive, and comfortable for anyone who is willing to rock a bathing suit. Even Grandma. Who would definitely appreciate the inner tubes.

Boston One can't imagine that -- when the Hong Kong was founded in Cambridge in -- its founders knew that over the next 64 years, their humble Harvard University-adjacent restaurant would be transformed into the three-tiered palace of debauchery it is today. Of course, you could be forgiven for unwinding the opposite way, as many Boston-area residents have found themselves doing on Sunday morning at 3am. And as funny as it is to imagine intense conversations about physics and philosophy happening next to straightforward observations on the alcohol content of certain rum cocktails, it's definitely happened here.

And it always guarantees an entertaining evening. Hamtramck As you might expect from a Polish bar that shares its name with a legendary Irish drinking song: this place embraces those who like to imbibe.